Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ambition: Juggling goals and time management...a bit much...?

The overarching theme of my blog is that of a movement towards Meta sapien, which is a just a nickname for being a greater evolution of human being. I mean this satirically of course, but the core principle is still there. No matter your belief in whether the afterlife exists and/or what it's like, you have to admit that the "here and now" is pretty damn important. I have almost an all-consuming drive to make every minute count. I tend to multi-task to the point that more regularly-minded people might feel is a bit odd. For example, I've been known to read philosophy while I do my personal hygiene to get ready for bed. I also studied greek mythology while I was cleaning the house. One last example, albeit a failed experiment, I tried to lift weights while I drove. I'm sure the more pragmatically-oriented mind can understand the flaw in logic there pretty quickly. I, on the other hand, remained optimistic, and I still contend that you can knock out a few reps while you are waiting at a red light. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a jock or a meat-head or some such nonsense, but exercise and body maintenance has been shown empirically to result in amazingly fecund mind and body effects.

The way I see it, if you're not using 100% of your cognitive resources while you're in "active mode" as I like to think of it, then what the hell is the point...? I have my down time, it's true. I love to plop down on my plush couch and just play some stress-relieving video game like Final Fantasy 8, but when I decide it's time to get up and do something, then why not knock out multiple things at once. If life is about experience, then why not maximize that effect? Seeing as how social feedback and response is a form of self-correcting mechanism on human nature, I have to I insane?

One last thought that I wonder if any of you do out there is something I've just been nuts about for the past month or two. I took the time to write down my current goals. I then categorized them according to Present, Short-Term, and Long-Term Goals. Then I made a comprehensive list and put it out for myself to see regularly. Then, when I get up in the morning (or usually the night before when I'm mentally preparing the next day in my mind) I go down the list and try to put a check next to as many of the goals as I can make progress on. Anyway, the question remains. Am I insane?